M0PZT’s Online Shack

Ham Radio – a hobby that is enjoyed by many – and endured by their family, friends and neighbours.

I’m based in North Lincolnshire and got my Ham “ticket” in 2001 after passing what was then known as the City & Guilds RAE plus the 12wpm Morse test to get the old Class A (now known as the Full) licence.

Activity-wise, I tend to use CW+Digimodes from home, and CW+SSB when out portable.  Although I like to chase the DX when possible, I’m happy to have a chat if conditions allow – if I’m on CW, I usually call at around 18wpm but am happy to QRS if asked.

The M0PZT Shack - May 2020

In the Shack: Kenwood TS-590SG, Icom IC-7300, Yaesu FT-857D.  Aerials: 80m Doublet, a 20m loop and a VHF/UHF “white-stick”.  Plus, there’s an Icom IC-2730 dual-bander in the PZT’mobile.

I particularly enjoy operating portable during the warmer months but have been known to brave the elements in the winter.   When /P, and on HF, I will most likely be using the IC-7300 and a 40m Doublet.  For VHF, I typically use a home-made Slim-Jim on 2m FM, a 5ele yagi for SSB, plus a simple dipole for 4m+6m.

Android Logger: When /P, I use a Samsung tablet and my own tabLog application.  There are also 2 desktop loggers, PZTLog and uLog which you are welcome to download and use.  PZTLog includes a DX Cluster interface, PSK+RTTY digimodes plus DXCC Stats, WSJT-X viewer and more.

Handy Online SDR Links : Hack Green HFHack Green VHFTwente (Dutch) HFBATC Oscar 100 (Es’Hail2) @ GoonhillyVHF @ Goonhilly