Welcome to M∅PZT’s Online Shack

Ham Radio – a hobby enjoyed by many and endured by most of their neighbours…  If you’ve landed here then it’s probably because we’ve just had a QSO or perhaps you’ve typed some words into your favourite search engine and found this site.

Activity-wise, I’m a CW/Digimode operator at home, and CW+SSB when portable.  As the Shack doubles as the office, I find it more productive to have a few short (read: efficient) QSOs rather than spend ages yakking about the weather on a voice mode.

In the Shack, there’s a Kenwood TS-590SG and an Icom IC-7300 with an 80m Doublet.  On 6m, there’s a 3ele LFA yagi for seasonal Sporadic’E and for QSOs with the local riff-raff on 2m/70cm, I have a V-2000 colinear on the roof.  In the car is an Icom IC-2730 50w dual-bander with this hands-free microphone.

When operating CW, I’ll usually call at 16-18wpm, which is my comfort-zone for a QSO but am happy to QRS if asked.

QSLs : My hobby is radio, not postcards – and, although some can be pretty, storing them isn’t practical so please don’t waste your time sending them.  I am not an RSGB/Bureau member, so cards sent “via the buro” will never reach me.  eQSL/LoTW are far more efficient (not-to-mention planet-friendly) methods of confirmation!

Information on this site is for reference only and I do not enter into correspondence regarding its content.