Thanks for stopping by – I’m a radio amateur based in Chelmsford, Essex. Here you’ll find details about my shack and aerials, plus my software efforts as well as some projects and technical stuff… I also keep a regular blog entitled Spurious Emissions which contains write-ups of my operating sessions, thoughts/rants and other QRM.

FT-950 in M0PZT Shack

In the Shack, the main radio is the FT-950 for HF+6m and there’s an FT-857D for VHF/UHF and portable fun [see my 2015 /P kit here]. You’ll find me most active on HF where I enjoy datamodes such as JT/PSK/RTTY. I also operate CW, typically on the higher HF bands looking for that elusive “DX”. If I’m out cycling/walking, I may be visible using my APRS setup.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one logging and digimode application, you can download (the award-winning) PZTLog (free) plus the more advanced PZTLog Pro.  A more basic solution is uLog and there’s support for Android tablets by way of tabLog – this is used for all my /P activities as it imports directly into PZTLog which a pen+paper do not! Under development is a new Windows-tablet-based logger called PZTLogLite.

If you’re looking for a fun demo/game at club events/shows, you’re welcome to download and use my Morse Mouse. It’s a simple “guess the letters” game and is free to use.  I’d love to know if you’ve used it, too!

M0PZT at GB1JSS 2015

About Me

My interest in amateur radio started when I was 12 with lots of SWL’ing on HF+2m along with learning CW. Originally intending to take the RAE in 1994, it wasn’t until 2001 that I got my “ticket” after passing what was then known as the C&G RAE and the Morse test to get the old Class A licence.

Portable: When the weather is good, I like to operate portable with the FT-857 and my tablet logging application, tabLog. I typically use a 10m fishing-pole to support Inverted-V dipoles for 40m, 20m and 15m.

Outside of the hobby, I write software for use in audio/broadcast, I cycle/run (M0PZT-7) to keep in shape and also consume a bit too much coffee.

Contact / QSL Details
My e-mail address is m0pzt <at> m0pzt.com – Feel free to e-mail me if you have a question about anything you’ve seen/read on this website or simply want to check that I got you “in the log”.  You’ll also find me on QRZ.com.