Thanks for stopping by – I’m a radio amateur based in Chelmsford, Essex. Here you’ll find details about my shack and aerials, plus my software efforts as well as some projects and technical stuff… I also keep a regular blog entitled Spurious Emissions which contains write-ups of my operating sessions, thoughts/rants and other QRM.

M0PZT at GB1JSS 2015

In the Shack, there’s now a big hole as I’ve sold the FT-950 but I’ve still got the FT-857D for VHF/UHF and portable fun [see my 2015 /P kit here] and am yet to decide what radio to fill the gap.  You’ll find me most active on HF where I enjoy datamodes such as JT/PSK/RTTY. I also operate CW, typically on the higher HF bands looking for that elusive “DX”. If I’m out cycling/walking, I may be visible using my APRS setup.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one logging and digimode application, you can download PZTLog (free) plus the more advanced PZTLog Pro.  A more basic solution is uLog and there’s support for Android tablets by way of tabLog – this is used for my /P activities as it imports directly into PZTLog via ADIF.  Under development is a new Windows-tablet-based logger called PZTLogLite.

If you’re looking for a fun demo/game at club events/shows, you’re welcome to download and use my Morse Mouse. It’s a simple “guess the letters” game and is free to use.

About Me

My interest in amateur radio started when I was 12 with lots of SWL’ing on HF+2m along with learning CW. Originally intending to take the RAE in 1994, it wasn’t until 2001 that I got my “ticket” after passing what was then known as the C&G RAE and the Morse test to get the old Class A licence.

Portable: When the weather is good, I like to operate portable with the FT-857 and my tablet logging application, tabLog. I typically use a 10m fishing-pole to support Inverted-V dipoles for 40m, 20m and 15m.

Outside of the hobby, I write software for use in audio/broadcast, I cycle/run (M0PZT-7) to keep in shape and also consume a bit too much coffee.