Station Location :
Chelmsford, Essex - 45km North-East of London
Locator / WAB: JO01FS / TL60
Latitude: 51.45.3N
Longitude: 0.26.56E
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PZTVoice Voice Keyer |

PZTVoice - Voice Keyer for Opto-Interfaces

A very basic, free and open-source application written in Visual Basic 6 that allows you to transmit 4 pre-recorded voice messages over the air.  You can press F1-F4 to start the message, Escape to stop or use the mouse.  A simple timer and progress-bar displays the playback position.  The source-code is fairly well commented!


  • Drag 'n' Drop MP3/WAV files onto a button - click to play over the air via your DTR/RTS opto-interface

  • Full Visual Basic 6 source-code

Download PZTVoice EXE and Soure-Code ZIP   [updated 4th December 2012]
This contains the compiled EXE plus Visual Basic 6 source-code - just un-zip and run...

Disclaimer : This program is offered free and without warranty - You may use this program "as-is" as well as take the source-code, modify, re-compile or use it in your own projects.