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Copper Pipe Drive-On Base

Back in 2014, I made a carry-frame for my FT-857, ATU and battery from 15mm copper pipe – you can read about that on this page.  Recently, I had thought about operating from the car “ninja style” where there may…
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tabLog has been written to offer basic logging when /P and allows for easy import into your Shack-based log via ADIF. Best performance is with a tablet in landscape mode and using a small Bluetooth/micro-USB QWERTY keyboard – QSO entry…
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My blog posts will go here… June Skills Night – 18th June 2015 Blog entries for: Android  … Clubs … Essex Ham Galleywood … Misc  … PSK RTTY … PZTLog … Skills … Whinge


Leaving the Shack and operating somewhere outside can be fun – Often it gives you a better chance of hearing something distant thanks to the low noise-floor and extra space for decent/resonant aerials. I was quite late getting into “/P”…
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