About Chignal St James

Chignal St James is just to the west of Chelmsford (about a mile from my home QTH) and offers a small green with bench, some shade and only a few nearby houses. This is a great venue for a solo /P outing.

Its close proximity to PZT Towers means that it’s not too far when taking the larger 12Ah SLAB or should the WX turn sour…  The bench allows me to secure the fishing-pole and also forms a convenient operating position.  Another bonus is that there’s a pub a short distance away that does a good selection of ales, a nice coffee and decent “pub grub”.

Locator : JO01ES (but only just!)
WAB : TL60
Height : 43m ASL (same as home QTH)

Shown below is my typical /P setup: An Inverted-V Linked Dipole for 40/30/20/15m plus 2m Slim-Jim on a 10m fishing-pole.

Chignal St James Village Green