About Galleywood Common

Galleywood Common is just south of Chelmsford city-centre on the Stock Road towards Billericay. It’s about a mile from the A12 junction so very accessible. Coming from Chelmsford, it’s just past the Running Mare pub and a right-turn at the traffic-light cross-roads (or a left-turn from the A12).

The location is around 150 acres of land and wooded areas and has quite a history behind it: Once serving (1803-1813) as a Napoleonic Fort – the remains of which can be seen today.  It also saw use as both a racecourse (1759-1935) and a golf-course (1893-1912).  These days, it contains a church, a pub, 3 car-parks and a fair amount of land for the 2 (or 4) legged walker!

It’s also got some #hamradio history behind it: Louis Varney G5RV used to live nearby and it was in 1964 that Amateur signals were bounced off the moon by G3LTF (it was a 70cms contact to Puerto Rico).

Essex Hams at Galleywood Common [20th May 2018]

Essex Hams regularly meet and operate at this location when the weather is nice – We operate GB1JSS and GB1STG from here as well casual weekend field-days. It’s a great location for stringing-up large bits of wire or trying something new – there’s lots of space, and zero RF noise to worry about.  Bands/modes are at operator’s discretion and anyone is welcome to bring kit and operate.  Those new to (or yet to enter) the hobby are especially welcome – if you want to try HF, learn about aerials or find out what radios we use, just ask!  Our group have a set of bandpass filters for 40m/30m/20m/17m so there’s the ability to run several 100w stations next to each other without causing QRM.

Local repeaters are GB3DA (2m) and GB3ER (70cm) at Danbury, about 2 miles away – For those who like DMR: GB7EX and GB7IK are workable on a handheld.

If you’re using sat-nav, put CM2 8TS (Margaretting Road) in as a destination and the car-park is about 300yrds in on your left (just after the new pavement) – click here for a map+directions.  Sometimes, we may be on the other side of the common outside the Horse and Groom pub – if this is the case, it will be made clear on this site and social media.

Locator : JO01FQ
WAB : TL70
Height : 85m ASL
Facilities : Very basic!  The nearest toilets if we’re at the car-park location are the Heritage Centre (if it’s open) about 100yrds away, or 500yrds across the Common at the pub.  The pub does lunch 12-2pm and offers a good evening menu of “pub grub”, too.

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