How Much Time? GB3DA

Our local repeater, GB3DA, often gets the better of those who like to chat. Its timeout has always been a bit of a mystery because nobody could (or would) actually tell you just how long it was.  In fact, getting a straight answer out of the repeater group has always been a challenge!  The popular suggestions being 90 seconds and/or 2 minutes.

Today, I was able to measure the GB3DA timeout limit thanks to 1) me having the recorder on, and 2) 2 timeouts in rapid succession. So, the duration of GB3DA’s timeout is as follows:

2m 00s : Warning pips start
2m 08s : Audio mute, CW ID and Shutdown

Many radios have a TX TOT (timeout) feature so if you set it to 2 minutes then you’ll be fine.  Yaesu radios have a familar beep-boop-beep-boop sound to warn you about the timeout and it seems that Baofengs simply drop the PTT without an audible alert.

The repeater logic also has a remote-reset feature: If you are a stronger signal than the station timing-out, just key-up for half a second and the timeout will reset – You can do this during the pips or if the repeater has muted them, ID’d and shut-down.  Quite useful if you want to be nice and let the waffler continue!

Once the input is clear, the repeater will send “OK” (dah-dah-dah, dah-di-dah) to signify that re-access is permitted…

So, now you all know!