Not the RSGB Syllabus

The new RSGB Syllabus has been revealed, and it shows a significant shift of learning topics from Intermediate to Foundation. For a more detailed explanation of the changes (and some interesting comments), please see the Essex Ham website.

For a wry look at the changes, some of which may be absolute cobblers – Please read on…

Important Changes to Foundation Level Syllabus
The following changes will take effect from August 2019 giving tutors 11 months of time to whinge and a flurried 1 month to change the slides and digest the new material…

  • Candidates will now have to thread at least 1-metre of RG58 braid by hand.

  • Candidates must understand that “Centre of Activity” is actually a cryptic term for “Calling Frequency” lest they find out the hard way and attempt a QSO on 144.300 thus spoiling a G4’s day-long monitoring of ambient noise.

  • Candidates will be expected to create a QRZ profile and check their work for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • Candidates to understand how logging in UTC means that some OMs are stuck in the past.

  • Candidates to understand that ladders are a thing and that steps can go down as well as up.

  • During the QSO practicals, any candidate heard using the phrase “the handle/location here would be” will be taken off the course and given a 3-month “80m SWL Supervision Order” to ensure they follow correct “voice procedures” like a real Ham does.

  • Candidates will be expected to know the difference between a 3-amp fuse, a 5-amp fuse, a 13-amp fuse and a 6-inch nail.

  • As part of the Series and Parallel Circuits chapter, candidates will be expected to stand up in front of the group and spell “parallel” correctly.

  • During the aerial tuning practicals, candidates are to understand that an SWR of more than 2:1 can damage a transmitter – a map of local automotive suppliers will be provided and they will have to plan a route to the nearest one to obtain a tub of SWR Grease.

  • Candidates to understand that ionisation is caused mainly by UV rays and that a Yaesu baseball-cap is essential attire for any field-event.

Happy Hamming!