YOTA – Misleading Da Yoof?

Many say that we need more younger people in the hobby – I’m one of them, but it would be so easy to demonstrate the hobby to them in such a way that when they do get their own licence and some kit, they find that things are a little different (and much harder) than their initial exposure to the hobby.

I’m talking about YOTA and its obsession with 60ft towers, multi-element yagis and oodles of power.  This certainly isn’t typical of the hobby in the UK: Sure, it’s nice to operate a big station but what we want to run, what we can get away with running, and what we can afford are different things entirely!

If you get an Amateur Radio licence here in the UK, you get a Foundation licence (currently an M6xxx callsign) which entitles you to most of our bands with 10-watts output.  You can’t operate abroad and you’re not allow to build your own transmitting equipment unless it’s a commercially available kit.  Whatever your age, a garden big enough to hold an 80m Dipole is a rare thing in your typical suburban plot.  There goes making a decent attempt at all these “old man” 80m contests the RSGB likes putting-on.  For any newbie, and especially the youngster, 10-watts into an end-fed bit of wire may be about as much as can be done.

I wonder how many YOTA stations run 10-50-watts into a G5RV at 20ft?