This is a simple DX Cluster telnet client that I wrote to offer an easy way of monitoring activity on the DX Cluster network.  The initial version featured a basic text window which displayed in received traffic/DX spots.  In later versions, a “Smart Mode” was added which gave you the option of having the DX spots in a list/grid along with a band filter so you could see only the band/s of interest.

DX Cluster servers seem to change a fair bit, so the ones included in the install may not work any more – you may have better luck with an “app” solution or via a browser-based service like DXWatch.

Download ClusterClient v1.73 Setup.exe
This is the full-installer for first-time users.

You can enter normal commands such as sh/dx on 6m using the Comments/Commands textbox (and pressing enter).  If you want to post a DX “spot”, you can just fill in the boxes and press enter, saving you the hassle of remembering the actual command.  The settings for ClusterClient are edited directly in the ClusterClient.ini file which can be opened in NotePad.  For automatic Cluster login, just enter your Callsign (and optional Password) and ensure that AutoLogin=1


  • Automatic login (callsign+password) to telnet cluster
    Set your callsign/password and AutoLogin=1 to have ClusterClient automatically log you into the Cluster

  • Multiple DX Cluster Presets
    Supports up to 10 DX Cluster addresses

  • Spot Stats
    Spots counts are shown to give you an idea of most popular/open band

  • Filtering of DX Spots
    DX spots may be filtered by band – show only the band that interests you

  • Simple command interface
    Type some text, press enter!

  • Works on all screen resolutions
    Re-sizable and movable window – size and position remembered between each session