Galleywood Gathering

Galleywood Common 3D Aerial View - click for a larger image...When it’s too cold and “meh” to play radio out on Galleywood Common – where do the Essex Hams go?  To the pub, of course!

Next Event : Sunday 8th April – to be confirmed…

Missed it? We last met on Sunday 11th March, as well as Sunday 18th Feb which you can read about it over on Essex Ham’s page here…

It’s an Amateur Radio event but with little radio (unless you want to, of course) – One of our favourite /P locations, Galleywood Common, has a very nice pub called the Horse and Groom.

These usually take place once a month between December and March and are open to all Hams/SWLs, regardless of club affiliation.  It typically sees a few Essex Hams meet up for a drink and discuss ideas for future events, operating tips, winter projects or just enjoy a meal with friends.

Perhaps you want to get a bit more active in the hobby and meet a variety of locals or just enjoy a social drink outside of a normal club night…

Plus, if it’s not too cold and you’re really keen – There’s plenty of space to put up a fishing-pole and HF wire or just do a spot of VHF in the car from a good (85m ASL) location.  We also have bandpass filters for 40m, 30m, 20m and 17m which permit close-proximity working (up to 100w) so several stations can be active at once – No more QRM!

Where? Horse and Groom, CM2 8PJ on Galleywood Common
(food is served 12-2pm) – See the map on the right for the location.  Our regular /P car-park location is also shown for comparison.

Galleywood Common is about a mile from the A12 and also offers easy access from Chelmsford town centre.  If you’ve visited one of our /P events before then it’s just round the corner to where we usually operate from.  Go past the left-turn for the usual /P car-park and after 50yrds make a right turn (where the white fence ends) into a narrow lane and then keep right as the road opens up – that’ll take you to the pub and there’s plenty of parking.

Hope to see you there!