Galleywood Gathering

Galleywood Common 3D Aerial View - click for a larger image...When it’s too cold and “meh” to play radio out on Galleywood Common – where do the Essex Hams go?  To the pub, of course!

Next Event : It’s now the summer – which means we’ll be at Galleywood quite often, so please check Essex Ham for details of field-day events.

It’s an Amateur Radio event but with little radio (unless you want to, of course) – One of our favourite /P locations, Galleywood Common, has a very nice pub called the Horse and Groom.

These usually take place once a month between December and March and are open to all Hams/SWLs, regardless of club affiliation.  It typically sees a few Essex Hams meet up for a drink and discuss ideas for future events, operating tips, winter projects or just enjoy a meal with friends.

Perhaps you want to get a bit more active in the hobby and meet a variety of locals or just enjoy a social drink outside of a normal club night…

Plus, if it’s not too cold and you’re really keen – There’s plenty of space to put up a fishing-pole and HF wire or just do a spot of VHF in the car from a good (85m ASL) location.  We also have bandpass filters for 40m, 30m, 20m and 17m which permit close-proximity working (up to 100w) so several stations can be active at once – No more QRM!

Where? Horse and Groom, CM2 8PJ on Galleywood Common
(food is served 12-2pm) – See the map on the right for the location.  Our original /P car-park location is also shown for comparison.

Galleywood Common is about a mile from the A12 and also offers easy access from Chelmsford town centre.  If you’ve visited one of our /P events before then it’s just round the corner to where we usually operate from.  Go past the left-turn for the usual /P car-park and after 50yrds make a right turn (where the white fence ends) into a narrow lane and then keep right as the road opens up – that’ll take you to the pub and there’s plenty of parking.

Hope to see you there!