GB1JSS June Summer Solstice

GB1JSS June Summer SolsticeThe idea behind this event is simply an excuse to operate “portable” on the longest day of the year, the June Summer Solstice.  We are fortunate to have a prime operating location just south of Chelmsford at Galleywood Common (this page lists QTH info, facilities etc) which also plays host to our casual /P get-togethers.

Supported by Essex Ham, this event has taken place every year since 2014 and attracts several enthusiastic locals who wish to play radio and enjoy a social gathering.

Operations typically start from 6am on the lower HF bands (80m+40m) with higher bands, including 2m through the day.  CW, FM, SSB and Digimodes feature as conditions/operators change.

The Small Print : This is a special-event station so runs slightly different to our casual field events.  We occupy a public area that is frequented by dog walkers and the occasional curious passer-by.  Wires/cables should be clearly marked and effort taken to set your station up in a safe+sensible manner.  Operating is at your discretion subject to on-site QRM – We have 40/30/20/17m filters which permits those bands to run at the same time, and other HF bands *may* be possible: If you wish to change band, you’ll need to exchange your filter for another.

Generally, a single 100w HF station (FT-857, 40m-10m) and an all-mode 2m 50w station (FT-857, Slim-Jim, 5ele yagi) will be provided for people to use but your own may be set-up and used if you wish (subject to the above safety/QRM rules).

Essex Hams at Galleywood Common