Software that I have written for the Amateur Radio hobby – Please note that the following are Windows applications – I do not use Linux or a Mac.  I do not know anything about emulators or whether these programs will work on a different operating system – your mileage may vary.

  • Arduino Projects – Experiments with cheap Nano and Uno microcontrollers
  • ClusterClient – a free telnet client for DX Clusters
  • PZTLog – my original logging solution, and potentially yours, too
  • tabLog – for /P logging using any Android tablet
  • uLog – basic logging, nothing fancy

PZTLog Pro and uLog
Please note that PZTLog “Pro” and uLog’s extra features are no longer available to new users but I will continue to support existing PZTLog “Pro” users as far as possible, eg: bug-fixes and regional/special callsign activations.  For now, I wish to protect the value of PZTLog Pro by NOT releasing it “free” as I have some ideas to consider for future cross-platform logging solutions.