TS-590SG Split

Here’s how I operate my Kenwood TS-590SG in split mode on CW – If I’m chasing an elusive DX station, I like to listen to them with a fairly narrow (<250Hz) filter but be able to tune around the pile-up and hopefully find+zero-beat to the other station sending “5NN” – with the usual 2500Hz filter.  For this, I make use of the IF FIL A+B plus the “Lock” feature.  The following pointers (and video) show how I achieve this:

  • Tune into your DX station – use CW T. if you need to zero-beat to their exact frequency.
  • Press IF FIL and ensure that B is set to under 250Hz (you’ll want to hear only the DX station with this filter). A can be 2500Hz
  • Make sure that you’ve set the dial-step to FINE by pressing that button
  • Hold the SPLIT button until the SPLIT icon flashes – then use the dial or Multi/Ch select to move up to, say, 1KHz higher and press SPLIT momentarily – This will be your transmit frequency.
  • Press IF FIL to set your DX-listen frequency to the narrow (<250Hz) filter
  • If you press and hold TF-SET you’ll notice how the radio flicks between the 2 frequencies but also applies a different filter
  • Press and hold the FINE/F.LOCK to lock the radio’s front panel – This will prevent you accidently nudging the VFO dial when listening to the DX station
  • Using your right hand, you can press and hold TF-SET with your middle finger and adjust the tuning knob with your index finger – Although you’ve locked the front panel, the TF-SET and VFO can still be operated – allowing you to tune around to find the “5NN”

The video should hopefully show this a bit more clearly – I find this a very easy way to work a split station and the way that the 590 handles the VFO-A/B and dial-lock is rather clever.  Unfortunately, you can’t use the CW T. auto-tune whilst holding the TF-SET button, so you will have to toggle the A/B VFO and than means disabling the lock function.  You can’t have it all!

(there is no sound on this video)

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