Coax Power Ratings

A useful thing to know – whether it’s critical as part of a project, or simply as a Ham Radio factoid – just how much power can different types of coax handle?  The popular types, RG-58 and RG-213 are listed below along with a couple of others for reference.  I found myself looking at various sites for this information, so thought that a simplified version on my site would be useful.

The LDF, aka: Andrew Heliax, is the thick stuff and used in broadcast and VHF/UHF.  RG-316 and RG-142 are PTFE and useful in high power baluns and internal amplifier hook-ups as their sizes are 3mm and 5mm respectively.  In most cases, RG-58 (HF or short patch-leads) and RG-213 are perfectly adequate unless you’re running silly watts – these ratings also assume a decent match at the other end 🙂

Coaxial Cable Power Ratings

The rating of balanced feeders, depending upon which emporium you visit, seems to vary.  300-ohm slotted feeder is typically rated at 400-watts (Radioworld) although Nevada seem to offer the same product at a 1kW rating.  450-ohm ladder-line (so say Radioworld) “will handle 1kW with ease”.