Simple Mast Pulley

It’s amazing what you find in a box, isn’t it?

Often, you need to support the end of a Dipole/Doublet from a pole and need a simple solution that allows you to run a support line with easy “up and down” access.  These were made a few year’s ago when I needed a dipole support for a 2″ (or similar) pole.  I wrote a nice e-mail to G4ZTR of Aerial Parts of Colchester who kindly supplied (and drilled) the 3mm aluminium plate and V-bolts as I was without a pillar drill at the time.

I’ve had 1 of these on a pole for a number of years holding the main HF Doublet (and before that, a Fan Dipole).  Using a screw-in eye-bolt at around 2m in the brickwork of the house, it allowed me to raise+lower it quickly for whatever reason.  Depending upon your requirements, another pole could be used at the far end of your garden with another – that’s why I’ve got 3 of them: You just never know when you may need to put yet another aerial in the air…

There are 2 eye-bolts because I originally had some pulley wheels to try but found that the wheel wasn’t deep enough to keep the support-line on it.

Simple Mast Pulley using Eye-Bolts

A simple solution to a common problem – and a bit cheaper than buying an off-the-shelf pulley/bracket-thing!