uLog (pronounced micro-log or, if you prefer, “you log”) has been designed as an easy-to-use logbook application that offers just the basic fields for QSO entry. No fancy gimmicks, just quick and easy input of QSOs whether you’re in the Shack or somewhere /P with a netbook/laptop.

The emphasis is on quick and simple logging without multiple windows, macros or lots of settings. uLog is perfect for club stations that wish to get inexperienced operators on the air and logging without fuss.

You’ll be pleased to know that uLog and PZTLog both use the same logbook format so you can run both if you wish – If you like uLog and wish to upgrade to free PZTLog for more features, you can do so and keep your existing QSO data.

QSOs can be entered “live” as you make the QSO or typing-up later on (perhaps from a paper-log). When entering a QSO, you can tab-through each field as you receive the information, or you can use the single Flexi-Input textbox – Just type the value and press enter and it’ll be moved to the correct field automatically. A Log Viewer tab offers the last 25 or 50 QSOs along with search/sort features plus a coloured display showing CW, Voice and Data Mode QSOs in different colours.

The main window can be re-sized to suit your operating preferences which makes it ideal as a basic “club” logging solution for those a bit timid of complicated programs or just those new to the hobby.


  • Resizable window – increase the size of the fonts/textboxes
  • Flexi-Input – just like PZTLog – allows you to enter all QSO fields from 1 textbox, eg: G9ABC<enter>, JO00AA<enter>, 57S<enter>59<enter>NAME Bob<enter>
  • Callsign+Name/QTH/Locator Database allowing auto-populate of QSO fields for when you’re away from the internet
  • Search/Sort QSOs by Band or Mode
  • QSO Stats, Worked+Confirmed Countries/DXCC
  • Distance+Bearing calculator for Locator Squares
  • QSL Management
  • ADIF Import/Export and Tabbed-Text Export – easily import an existing logbook or export it for ClubLog/eQSL etc
  • PZTLog Compatibility : The logbook uses the same format although does not support all of the database fields (eg: CQ/ITU-Zone, IOTA, WAB, Contests). Should you require a more advanced logging solution (along with integrated PSK/RTTY digimodes) such as PZTLog you can use your existing Log file and carry on logging.

The software works best when installed to C:\uLog … Some of my programs have their main EXE file compressed which can cause some enthusiastic virus scanners to complain.

Download uLog v1.44 Setup.exe   [24th February 2024]
This can be used by new and existing users – Simply run the installer (as Administrator) and enjoy.   Your existing settings+logbook will remain in place.